Check out from my kitchen area window in Good Engage in, South Carolina, United states of america… It faces East a…

Perspective from my kitchen area window in Good Participate in, South Carolina, United states… It faces East and we get the most attractive sunrise views! We live in a minimal, old farmhouse that belonged to my grandparents. They have been cotton farmers and labored the land for quite a few many years with their 10 youngsters … I grew up in the brick residence in the photograph and now, when I choose the route to go see my mom, I normally assume about how the fields ought to have seemed when they ended up all planted in cotton. I named my Images business right after this land and the recollections handed down from era to generation🤍

thank for the authentic creator Selena Isbell Martin

50 thoughts on “Check out from my kitchen area window in Good Engage in, South Carolina, United states of america… It faces East a…”

  1. Jeanette Frison Taylor

    Wow, getting to live close to family would be wonderful. Hello from Central Florida

  2. Jo Ellen Schleusing Kniffen

    Lovely. A rainbow – the promise from God. Such a beautiful view! Hello from Texas!

  3. Mary Ellen Maxwell

    Love all the pictures that people post with rainbows.👍 Also find the names of so many interesting towns nobody would ever know about. Fair Play? There has to be a story there.

  4. Best rainbow 🌈 photo ever! Sounds like your family has prospered great capture..from San Diego CA USA 🇺🇸

  5. Beautiful. I confess, I’ve lived in Georgia most of my life and had never heard of Fair Play but it looks lovely. There’s a small town south of Atlanta called Social Circle, which could be a “sister city” to y’all! 😁

  6. Yes yes all that beautiful sunlight is a sign that God is well pleased now is the time to talk to him he will respond do whatever you say there you will receive miracles and stay there from the almighty God I’m sure now I can truly say to you God bless you you are blessed and loved by almighty God I pray that prayer for you in Jesus name stay in peace amen

  7. Sherron Tice Trimble

    What a lovely view! Thank you so much!
    This is my second gift of a rainbow today!!!
    Rainbows always remind me of the story of Noah and the promise God made after the flood, setting His bow in the sky. Thank you for this blessing!
    Greetings from College Grove, Tennessee,

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