Check out from my deck in Roxborough, Colorado, United states. My husband and I bought this hom…

Perspective from my deck in Roxborough, Colorado, Usa. My partner and I bought this household 8 decades ago…little did I know 8 years later on he would not be below to get pleasure from this beautiful place with me. He handed only 4 months ago…I see existence in different ways now. I’m surrounded by wildlife, like fox, eagles, deer, bear, between quite a few additional and in no way tire of their attractiveness and staying. Existence is short, get pleasure from all these views we are offered.

thank for the first creator Marianne Bach Schenk

25 thoughts on “Check out from my deck in Roxborough, Colorado, United states. My husband and I bought this hom…”

  1. Sending my very best wishes to you from here in England. Take care of yourself, and be comforted by that lovely view.

  2. Patty Och Cunningham

    Embrace your memories while enjoying God’s creations❤️ from Arlington, Texas

  3. Carolle Crossland Owens

    Amazing view. I am so sorry for your loss! My prayers go out to you! Hi from Prosperity South Carolina

  4. So very sorry. Your view is amazingly picturesque and stunning. Your husband is always in your heart and memories.

  5. Sorry for you loss, my Partner of 16 years passed away last November, i miss him everyday ❤ from Melbourne Australia

  6. Carol Taylor Harrison

    Hope you know that I can feel your sorrow and pain; my husband of 63 years died Memorial Day. Your view is lovely and I pray you can find some peace and comfort in the beauty around you each day! Hello from Ocala, FL USA

  7. Linda Jo Suter

    So sorry for your loss, your view is beautiful, hope it continues to give you peace 💕

  8. Catherine Morrisey

    Blessings and best wishes for peace of mind through your loss. Greetings from London, Ontario, Canada

  9. Pamela Gebhart-Cline

    Your view is lovely. My heart aches for you. One day at a time. Keep looking at and for beauty

  10. So so sorry for your loss! I’m widowed too so sending you love and kisses from Somerset England x

  11. Ron Lynn Blubaugh

    You have a beautiful view May it help to sustain you during this incredible loss🙏 Palm Beach Florida

  12. Amy Justus Katz

    I’m so sorry for your loss! I just lost my 69 year old mom 2 weeks ago and am also reminded that life is short ♥️

    Waving from Charlotte, NC

  13. Sorry for your loss. My husband passed 4 yrs ago and think of him daily. Enjoy your awesome view. Prayers from Michigan 🙋🌷

  14. 🤗…So sorry for your loss..Pray that you find solace in knowing that he is in there through you..🙏

  15. Dolly Kemmerer

    Thank You for sharing your beautiful picture! I’m so sorry for your loss🙏 My own husband passed 3 months ago so I understand 🥲 Enjoy everyday on step at a time💕

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