Blackstone Griddle Steak How to cook a steak

Blackstone Griddle Steak| How to cook a steak

Currently I am likely to demonstrate you how I cook dinner a steak on the Blackstone Griddle. The Blackstone will give you a beautiful crust on the outside with tons of taste and its definitely simple to manage how it cooks. Many thanks for watching and if you like what you see be sure to consider subscribing.

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47 thoughts on “Blackstone Griddle Steak| How to cook a steak”

  1. Great job, just got my blackstone, hope I can find one of those steaks at $7.80lb. In these days. Maybe some groundbeef.

  2. Every video that I watched and said Put it on the grill and leave it alone clip it one time and that's it seems to me he's messing with it too much but an awesome video it does look good

  3. Little tip from the pros: use the fat cap to oil your griddle. Renders the fat, infuses flavour and you'll get clean plates back because your diners will want to eat it.

    … Because it's AMAZING

  4. Don’t remember where I heard this but I was under the impression that the more you turned your steak the more chewy it became? Do you ever have the problem? I mean the finish product looks amazing!

  5. Looks good 1 tip you should always lay the steaks away from you I’m a Chef.and Garlic cloves are really good for the flavor while you layer the steaks with melted butter to keep the most and always pull steaks out of Refrigerator 30 mins before you cook them.just some tips should never use a Thermometer to check it there for it Looses Juices the palm trick and by feel is what you want

  6. Thanks for the tips. I just got a Blackstone Griddle this past weekend and will be grilling some steaks soon. Also, excellent knife. We have the same set and love them.

  7. I love Costco, but they blade tenderize their steaks, so you are rolling the dice with a medium rare steak.
    Medium rare is the only way to eat a steak, so I don't buy them from Costco.

  8. Thank you for helping destroy old myths, such as you'll ruin a steak by flipping it too often. I've always known it to be BS, but for some reason the belief persists. Absolutely nothing negative results from turning a piece of meat several times.

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