22 thoughts on “Best air fryer meals ?!”

  1. Stephanie Medrano

    Cut the brat in the center place ur favorite cheese stick in the cut close wrap with bacon, airfry

  2. Valerie Laughlin

    Dinner: skin on salmon filet with A combo of horseradish mustard and honey mustard on top, topped with old bay. 350* for 15 minutes.

    Lunch: gluten free (don’t care about gf but it’s what I happened to grab last time and it’s delicious) breaded chicken tenders at 350 (I think) for 10 minutes, lay in a burrito tortilla and top with bagged chicken salad mixed up, wrap up in tortilla like a burrito and go to town. Both are so good.

  3. Rosa Hernandez

    Salmon with some slap ya momma seasoning and butter air fried 15 mins + depending on the size air fry some asparagus with salt pepper and olive oil

  4. I love leg quarters in the air fryer. I have the microwave, air fryer and convection oven combo so I can fit two big ones at a time. I season them with Butt Rub. 20 minutes on each side at 400 degrees then I flip them skin side up but bbq sauce on them and cook 5 more minutes. The skin is perfect crispy ❤️😋

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