Bend, OR United states…

Bend, OR United states of america
The check out from our again porch on the lookout out on our yard and pasture.

thank for the initial creator Alexa Lallos

44 thoughts on “Bend, OR United states…”

  1. Ginger Denning

    The berms and the shadows from the trees make it look like it’s from a fairytale. Greetings from Manhattan, Kansas! 🌻

  2. This is my favourite view ever! I’ve seen so many, but what you have just touches me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful space! Hello from Johannesburg, South Africa

  3. Clara Lee Toomer

    Love it!!! Rolling green hills, love your windmill is it active(pump water)or decoration?

  4. Diane Arnold McClure

    So beautiful! How does one own such larget property in OR? My experience looking at property near Eugene, nobody has any yard?

  5. Pamela Nordstrom

    Absolutely gorgeous!!! So green. California girl enjoying my retirement in Conway, Arkansas.

  6. So green, pretty, and peaceful! The cloud and mountian landscape in the background makes it almost 3D.
    Matthews, NC

  7. Wow, what a stunning view of beautiful green and mountains! ❤️ from San Ramon, California USA

  8. Beautiful view! I loved visiting one of my sisters and BILs when they lived in Bend ( and a few years in Sisters as well). It’s such a beautiful area. I still haven’t quite forgiven them for moving to San Diego a few years ago.

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