Ballymote, Co Sligo, Ireland…

Ballymote, Co Sligo, Ireland
Check out from my corridor window past winter.
We really don’t get much snow. I love wanting out at the Norman Castle… just guiding a Nun’s Retirement Residence!
A superb perspective of background and I would really like to have a time device.
Just joined this web page, seriously enjoying it and this is my first article.
Fantastic wishes and form regards to absolutely everyone.

thank for the original creator Deirdre Houston

45 thoughts on “Ballymote, Co Sligo, Ireland…”

  1. Beautiful picture. You can look at it, when the thermometer shows you more than 30° and you need to cool down 🙂 Hello from Vienna

  2. My Dad’s family come from Ballymote! Always rain there when I’ve visited, thanks for sharing a snow pic!

  3. Wendy Buchanan

    That is the most beautiful view from such a beautiful window ❤️. Take care from Green Point NSW Australia 🇦🇺 😍

  4. Sharon Haseley

    What a beautiful view you have,
    and such a special place to live.
    Hello from Rockport Texas USA

  5. Aileen Parsons

    Beautiful view! I’m on season 2 of Derry Girls☘️. Hello from Pennsylvania USA👋

  6. Thank you for sharing. What an incredible place to live with history around you. I love visiting your country.

  7. If you looks like an enchanting picture. Thank you for sharing. Cindy greetings from Kansas City USA

  8. Melinda Hohenberger

    Lovely view…..thanks for sharing. I am glad that the nuns can live by a castle! Greetings from Eugene, Oregon USA

  9. Shannon Miller

    Hello from Ruidoso, New Mexico US. We don’t get much snow either, but we used to when I first moved here. 👋

  10. I love your framed portrait, umm photo, of your gorgeous winter view! ❤️ from San Ramon , California USA

  11. Beautiful, my Dad’s family migrated to US, according to family records, they were from Skerrit County. Life long dream to visit your beautiful country, viewing from New Orleans La USA 🇺🇸

  12. ❤️ from Geelong Victoria Australia 🇦🇺 Where you have to travel to the mountains to see the snow on winter!

  13. Brenda Whitehead

    Nice to see a snowy picture while we are roasting (100°F and windy) ! Makes me feel cooler. 😁Greetings from Roseville, California USA 🇺🇸

  14. Anne DiQuattro

    Beautiful, what an intersting window. I was born in Belfast but now live in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

  15. Kelly Wallington Asher

    Every time I see “Co Sligo” I think of my pen pal at the age of nine called Martina Dodd
    Co Sligo

    Lovely photo! Have always wanted to visit!

  16. Catherine Lonergan

    Wow 🤩 amazing . I just watched a movie “midnight in Paris “ by what you said Re time warp I think you would love it 😊

    From Sydney Australia x

  17. Enjoyed my time discovering Ireland in April ☘️ Gorgeous country and such welcoming people. Greetings from Chandler, Arizona USA 🏜️

  18. Delores Michalec Zumwalt

    A beautiful view! Ireland is filled with beautiful views! Greetings from Washington state, USA.

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