32 thoughts on “Baby shower food ideas for a budget”

  1. Tiffany Griffis

    Pigs in a blanket, fruit/veggie tray, chips, cookies, cake, sandwich trays, cheese and crackers tray

  2. Pinwheels, cheese trays, fruit trays, Chips and dip, pretzels, hot ham and cheese slider’s, pasta salads, veggie tray, Chilli dogs

  3. I did one with Tuna, chicken and eggs salad sandwiches. Cut crust off then cut in half. Served chips, and fruit.

  4. We got Hawaiian rolls cut them in half and put lunch meat and cheese you can eat it hot or cold then we did a fruit salad and veggie tray and dip and chips
    This was a hit at my baby shower

  5. Shannon Carroll Street

    Finger sandwiches (cucumber, chicken salad, pimento) is a good cheap option …. if you wanted to beef this option up, croissants with homemade chicken salad.

  6. Water bottles tape over wrapper with gender or neutral duct tape. Makes them cute and cheap beverage.

  7. Cocktail weenies
    Ham and cheese sliders
    Veggie tray
    Fruit tray
    Cheese tray
    Rotel dip and chips

  8. We did a charcuterie board. So easy. Can fit any budget. And, it’s beautiful to look at.

  9. Blue or pink candy melts and dip oreos. Make your own cupcakes and dye vanilla icing blue or pink. Sandwich quarters, ham turkey roast beef and cheese. Have condi.ents on the side. Cut your own veggie and fruit trays. Cheese cube tray. Queso and chips.

  10. Melissa Misty Lukashevich

    Get pink and blue big and little marshmallows. Use a toothpick or cake frosting to make baby marshmallow people

  11. Pigs in a blanket, finger sandwiches, meatballs, fruit,Buffalo chicken dip and tortilla chips

  12. Barbara Naylor Buie

    Mix a jar of Kraft marshmallow with block of cream cheese and to make any color u want open a box of jello just add a tablespoon ( not made up just straight from box ) it’s awesome to dip fruit in make sure to use Kraft brand

  13. This may be a frowned upon idea but if it’s close friends and family a pot luck. Just have them bring whatever they like to make. That way it’s in everyone’s budget and you don’t have to foot the bill. Otherwise sloppy joes maybe

  14. Rachel Jackson

    I’ve also done a dessert shower with just pies, cake and donuts. We did milk, water and coffee and had a hot cocoa bar.

  15. Natasha Kennedy Hill

    I done nachos for my babygirls bday I bought nacho chips from Walmart & the big huge can of cheese from Sam clubs & I a pack of hamburger meat & seasoned it with a taco packet & there you go 🙂 it doesn’t cost much at all.

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