Baalbuddy Art Tutorial On How To Draw Anime Girl

Baalbuddy Art Tutorial On How To Draw Anime Girl

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27 thoughts on “Baalbuddy Art Tutorial On How To Draw Anime Girl”

  1. This is actually extremely accurate, I follow the same logic in games with character creators and I often go off the norm with a feature or two to create more uniqueness.

  2. This is great advice, some "exotic" features don't even register as butterface. For instance freckles can be very cute, but give a "girl next door" vibe. Or, you can make a pretty girl with one big distinct flaw, which totally awakens the male protective instinct (e.g., Katawa Shoujo, Teaching Feeling, etc)

  3. Unironically a good tutorial. By showing variety it shows more then a tutorial that focuses exclusively on "the one way" to draw something. People can get caught up in the idea of perfection but that's not what making a character is all about. A character resides in a world, after all.

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