August meal plan done Sticking to a meal plan helps

August meal plan done. Sticking to a meal plan helps me save some money from ord…

August meal plan done. Sticking to a meal plan helps me save some money from ordering out once or twice a week. We are ordering out on Wednesday due to me leaving on a girls camping trip and also preparing meals for husband and son while I’m gone.

thank for the original creator Kimberly Ledgerwood Stout

28 thoughts on “August meal plan done. Sticking to a meal plan helps me save some money from ord…”

  1. Wish I was organized like this I just wake up and think hmmm I want tacos tonight. Tacos it’s Is 😂

  2. Ugh I wish I could do some of these. We have a diabetic in the family so no bread and no potatoes takes most of the casseroles out🤦

  3. I envy this kind of organization and time management. I’m lucky if I cook one meal at home a month.

  4. Brittiany Gilkerson

    I would love to do somethin this all month long instead of having steak like 4 times a week

  5. Jennifer Taylor

    Even though I’m having my C-section Monday and won’t be able to fix it before then, my pregnant tale wants to know more about this big Mac casserole you got on there 😂😂

  6. Martie Palmer Chacon

    We have made a different meal every day this year. Aiming for the whole year. Enjoy your 30!! So fun. ❤❤

  7. Sue Turner Amacher

    My daughter has a “Whatever Wednesday” where each person eats whatever they can find or want.

  8. Candace Rakestraw

    Thanks for sharing your ideas. Always nice to get fresh ideas for my meal planning. I do 1-2 weeks at a time and use what we have on hand to make the meal ideas then if we don’t have things to make I use what’s on sale in the weekly grocery ads to pick recipe ideas.

  9. Jennifer Seiler

    What is Big Mac casserole?
    I’ve always wanted to try tortellini but unsure about it

  10. I use to do this. Now we only do it weekly so we can go off of sales. Food prices are crazy.

  11. I also make a monthly menu. I started doing it when my husband was in the military and we were on a tight budget. That was 32 years ago. I love not having to think everyday what I am going to cook.

  12. I do meal planning as well. Once a month going to grocery. It saves money with less impulse shopping.

  13. Chelsea Paulson

    Thats great. I meal plan but don’t assign meals to a specific day which means I decide what I want to eat when I make dinner which means a lot of eating out when nothing sounds good

  14. Emily JoAnne Griffee

    I saw nothing doubled on this meal plan, that in itself is miraculous lol we have certain meals almost weekly 😂

  15. We do a week at a time and every Friday night is eat out. It’s a break for me and keeps me from eating out other times during the week

  16. We do meal planning in my house. It actually saves me so much more money by sticking to it. I do mine every 2 weeks.

  17. Christie Harris Roach

    I need to get more organized and try this. I’m sure it would cut down on my grocery pick up bill each week.

  18. Christy Howington Cochran

    I can meal plan all day long, but every time I “plan” something, something ALWAYS comes up. It’s a “figure it out that day” kinda thing around here 🤦‍♀️ granted my kids are pretty much grown…20 and 17

  19. I love this idea and I have tried a few times, but I end up messing it up. For example I get to say day 8 and whatever I have planned, my brain flat out rejects that idea. Whatever it is that day it sounds gross, and the last thing I want to eat so I end up scrambling for something else and then I get frustrated and say to heck with this planning….and I toss the whole plan. How do you all stay the course and follow your plan?

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