Artists Draw Fan Art of Medieval Paintings

Artists Draw Fan Art of Medieval Paintings

Julia worries Nathan, Jacob, and Karina to draw supporter art of weird medieval illustrations.

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30 thoughts on “Artists Draw Fan Art of Medieval Paintings”

  1. After their whole story on Nathan’s little guy stealing the butter, the scarf just reminds me of that scene from Ragnarok where Thor just wraps a cloth over his head as his disguise

  2. I am a Canadian worm and I would NEVER smoke blunt! Though… I have met Dr. Worm. He is very good on the drums. I think. I don't have ears.

  3. If you are talking about P and B, P is more drawn than B because it is just how it is you can find P in random walls anywhere. A child will find funny and draw P doodles on their school table.

    You can find P anywhere from paper, walls etc to the face of a drunk person.

  4. This immediately made me think of when I believe Ryan Reynolds said "Mention Canada they like that." because I, like I'm sure many Canadian viewers watching, liked at the Canadian accents part HAHA

  5. Monks were the major creators of these manuscripts. Male anatomy would have been easily seen, but female anatomy would not be. Therefor some of the reasons for the bias.

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