Arlington, Virginia, United states of america…

Arlington, Virginia, United states

Look at out my back doorway to my perennial yard. It really is a slender back lawn – most of our lawn is to the facet and entrance of our household – so years ago, we took out the lawn and transformed this house to a walk-by way of backyard garden. This year, I experienced two again surgical procedures and my husband got the two raised planters for increasing herbs. This garden has been a source of peace and joy for me for numerous yrs now. We are obtaining a huge tree eliminated these days and the light in the yard will change considerably, with any luck , for the better.
I enjoy observing your images and examining your posts. No controversies, no arguments, just particular stories and beautiful photos. Thank you!

thank for the initial creator Trudy Harlow

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  1. Yes isn’t it nice to have no nasty comments! Lovely garden! Hello from Newcastle Australia 🇦🇺

  2. Hope you have fully recovered from your surgeries! aloha from the big island 🏝 hawaii

  3. Bren Sears Johnston

    I love container gardening too! Your cabbages look fantastic, and so does everything else. Thanks for sharing and greetings from Oklahoma City!

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