Amazing 5 Scientific Facts to Improve Happiness


All of us want to be happy. And, there are thousands of ideas, concepts to gain serenity and happiness. Unfortunately, While there are so many self-help guides, happiness formulas, so many motivational books, and videos only a few works in a practical way.

Recently, I met Julia Snownskey, an academic psychology research student at Harvard University. She shared with me an amazing insightful thought about boosting happiness through simple changes to daily habits based on scientific findings.

Emotional Intelligence is a skill for Daily Lives
Emotional Intelligence is a skill for Daily Lives

Here are 5 habits to improve happiness

1. Stop searching for happiness as a goal.

Remember the first rule ” Happiness is not a goal”?

There are so many people start the day by saying ” I want to be happy today”. Research data suggest that people spending more time thinking about happiness often, but rarely achieve happiness. New scientific evidence suggests that you have less chance of achieving happiness if you overthink about happiness all the time.

The trick is very simple, you will get more depressed if you are unable to find happiness in daily activities. Start finding peace and calmness in daily activities.

Find new ways to enjoy your existing relationships, daily life, and try to find peace and serenity in an existing relationship.

2. Forgive others is the mantra for happiness.

Take the first step when it comes to reconciliation after the relationship meltdown. Perhaps, you hurt by the other party inside us wanted to take revenge by giving some sort of punishment.

According to new research, the data suggest that taking revenge or training to punish others impacts your happiness.

3. Wish others success honesty

New scientific research proves that honestly wishing success can release the happiness hormone in your brain. This can lead to your health happiness level.

The research further revealed that generosity can increase your mode and comfort in a long term perspective. Most of us occasionally get the generosity feeling by giving others on special occasions. but the science factor in the idea that sincere and honest generosity can bring more benefit to the healthy brain and boost the happiness mode of our brain.

4. Live in Present Moment

Many people engage in the nostalgia of past positive and negative memories. Stop live in the past and make sure you live in the present moment.

Despite nostalgia seems harmless, there is a negative thought process that can breed depression. What will happen is nostalgia can create unacceptance to reality and self-proclaimed thought process can further deviate you from the present moment to live.

In scientific research indicate that living in the present moment is a scientifically acclaimed approach to deal with depression, difficulties as they come.

Also, living in the present movement make sure you live in more realistic and psychologically stable. In any case, improving the good habit to live in the present moment can help you to gain happiness.

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