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Alright so hubby has requested breakfast for father’s day. Its not just for him …

Alright so hubby has requested breakfast for father’s day. Its not just for him so ive got extra food too lol. Ive got the usual, eggs, bacon, toast, sausage, and hash browns. Any other suggestions? Hes not big on my pancakes haha says theyre too flat. Just wanna do something nice for him since our littles are too small to do anything atm We dont have an oven atm. We have a skillet two small burners, a george forman grill and a roaster.

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  1. I’ve been making breakfast sandwiches for mine using pancakes the kids won’t eat because “they’re not right, they’re too big mommy”(my 4yr old). Also doing eggs in a hole sandwiches with corn beef hash and breakfast potatoes (because I don’t like corned beef hash) or buscuits and gravy

  2. Donna Young Dannelly

    Grits , smoked pork chops red eye gravy. Waffles , maybe. Local farmers market has some great jelly . Muscadine is my favorite for his toast or biscuit 😋

  3. Christine McBride Higley

    Add fresh fruit-watermelon or strawberries. What ever is cheapest. Or make sautéed apples. Perfect with sausage.

  4. Vicki Cross Crowe

    Old english sausage muffuns. Just brown any flavor of sausage you like then drain grease off and add old english cheese ( its in a small jar) let it melt in the sausage and then split english muffins and spread the sausage and cheese mixture on them and then broil for a few minutes to brown. They are so good

  5. A little tip for fluffier pancakes, fry them in a little vegetable oil. They get thick and fluffy with a crispy edge 😋

  6. Joyce Wrotniewski

    Just saw a post about cinnamon french toast waffles.looked easy enough beat eggs together with a little cinnamon and vanilla, dip frozen waffles both sides and fry til done

  7. Carolyn Marshall-Derbyshire

    We like warmed canned brown beans and sometimes I cut a tomato in half and warm the halves 1-2 mins in hot bacon grease for a treat.

  8. Hubby makes a breakfast casserole. Buttery biscuits quartered, sausage gravy poured over, followed with egg mixture & topped with cheese. Bake in oven- delicious!!

  9. Arnold McDaniel

    Strawberry and cream cheese. Stuffed French toast. Cover strawberries in sugar leave over night or at least 6 hrs.Take softened cream cheese spread on both slices of bread. Put strawberries on in a thin layer between bread dip in mix of egg and vanilla extract and fry top with whipped cream and a few slices of fresh strawberries.

  10. Bridgette Crist

    French toast and I use the Aunt millie’s bread only brand that carries texas toast. I was always taught by my grandmother to put a little vanilla and cinnamon in with my egg mixture

  11. Grab a nice steak, purmt his favorite seasoning on it, throw it on the grill, while its cooking, make his favorite eggs, homefries w/onions & bisquits with jam or ooey gooey cinnamon rolls

  12. Michael Brumbelow

    Wife makes mini breakfast bagels that are awesome. The small bagels cut in half with gravy and sausage on them then bake them a few minutes and add a little cheese 🤌🤌🤌🤌

  13. This may sound crazy but they are seriously so good!
    Glazed croissant breakfast sandwich(my husband and kids made these for me for mother’s day breakfast a couple years ago.
    Glazed croissant split in half(like you would a bagel) bacon, fried egg and cheddar cheese in the middle of croissant.
    Glazed donuts would work too if your bakery doesn’t have glazed croissants.

  14. Rhonda Mitchell

    If I were a “Father!” I’d like biscuits with homemade sausage gravy, side of bacon, fried potatoes, eggs over easy and sour dough toast! Don’t forget the apricot pineapple jelly!

    That’s all!?😂

  15. Shanda Jo Wobbema

    Pancakes and Sprite….that’s it! Mix together and let it sit for a few mins. Use enough Sprite to make it mixable and pour-able. Fluffy pancakes! I am a breakfast cook at a bar and get lots of compliments on my pancakes

  16. Lisa Slater Dearing

    I love all these ideas. I’m doing a nice breakfast Sunday. Sausage links. Hubby loves steamed eggs. Fried potatoes & pancakes. Or waffles. Which ever they want.

  17. Rachael Anna Johnson

    My husband loves grits!! But that’s a southern thing 😆 my kids and hubby’s favorite meal is grits with cheese & butter, sausage, eggs, toast, salt & pepper! Or bacon either is great!

  18. Brandi Fearnside

    You can also have some yogurt (flavors of choice), sliced fruits, chunks of granola, some shelled sunflower seeds, sliced or chopped almonds/walnuts/pecans, chopped chocolate chunks and everyone create their own parfait

  19. Jasmine Reynolds

    I introduced my husband to everything bagels when we first started dating and now he loves when I make them for breakfast! I usually just toast them and put butter on them and then they are good plain or make them into a sandwich with eggs however you like them, bacon, sausage, whatever. Super customizable and so easy and tasty!

  20. To make fluffy pancakes. Use sightly warm water after you mix let sit for 2 to 3 minutes then pour on to hot griddle DO NOT STIR THE BATTER or flatten, flip and serve. Don’t forget to take the butter out of the fridge early to soften.

  21. Jeanine Lacroix

    Bagels and cream cheese, fruit, croissants, maybe some pastries or donuts. Would be a decent spread. Plus coffee, tea, juice, mimosas, cesars, beer lol!

  22. Sheila Faucette

    I do a breakfast casserole in a 9×13 dish. 1.Take a package of Cresent rolls and put on bottom of dish
    2. 8 eggs whipped with 1/3 c milk, salt, pepper, sage.
    3. Layer crumbled crowd sausage over your crust.
    4. Add an 8 oz pkg of 3 cheese blend over top of ingredients and bake until bottom crust is brown and eggs are done. Bake @3:50 for 25-30min.
    I’ve made this casserole and added various ingredients to it. Bacon, green pepper, mushrooms.
    I treat it like an omelette depending on what I’m in mood for.

  23. Judith Gangwere

    Since this
    Is done with love I feel he will certainly enjoy any items you chose for his special day‼️ Have a relaxed wonderful time❤️

  24. I make what I call garbage plates lol. Fried potatoes on the bottom then basically everything you can think of piled on top. Diced bacon, ground sausage, ham, eggs, even biscuits on top then smother it all in sausage gravy. Not at all healthy. Looks like a pile of garbage. Tastes fantastic.

  25. Deborah Stricula

    I think that with your appliances to cook on and what you listed you will have your hands full and it sounds lovely. You could make mimosas that would be nice and grown ups only of course. Maybe bagel and cream cheese to go with it. Also you could have Bloody Marys. YUM!

  26. Christina Sirotzki

    One of our new favorites is a omelette. This is how I make it. We dice up potatoes, green pepper, red pepper, onion, garlic, bacon (cooked and turned into bits) add salt, garlic salt and powder, cover bake at 425 till tender, you can add cheddar shredded cheese at this time, make your omelette, I use 3 eggs each, stirred, pour in pan, let it solidify, flip over, then add potatoe mixture on one side, flip the one side of the egg over like an omelette, flip whole thing over 1 more time. So so good! But you also said you don’t have an oven so not sure how you would do the potatoes

  27. Courtney Woodward

    Take any flavor brats… And cut the skin off, make into little sausage patties… So many flavors to choose from and it would be a great mix in for a nice breakfast 😊

  28. Terri Sue Latner Bone

    We make pancake roll upside. Grand daughter loves them. Pancakes with fruit or a fruit compote in the middle topped with whipped cream. Her favs are peaches or strawberries.

  29. Christine McBride Higley

    Or even an omelette bar. Let everyone choose their ingredients. That is always fun. Add a few different colored bell peppers and onions. Sauces for the omelettes- like cholula, ketchup, gravy, salsa, tapatio, Tabasco. Whatever your family likes. Then add the fresh fruit for a side.

  30. Debbie Moser Stone

    You can do biscuits on topof the burner with a cast iron fry pan greased really well and put your biscuits in it cover and cook on medium to low heat. I had an aunt that didn’t have an oven and that’s what she did or she used her electric frying pan works great too!

  31. I find the Walmart brand pancake mix makes pancakes that raise well and taste good…not too sweet.

  32. Blanche Dale Holden

    I have a pancake recipe from scratch. It can be used to make waffles too if add 2 extra eggs. Best recipe I grave found. Mt kids, grandkids and great grandkids love them.

  33. Rosalie Klidies

    Pancakes, use Bisquick, one egg, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and don’t make the dough to thin, a little thick is better than to thin, try it, they will be nice and fluffy.

  34. Buy pre made biscuits & make gravy from your bacon grease. Use Smoke sausage, & cheese cubes & make kabobs. Make fruit kabobs…makes nice presentation, kids will think you’re fancy! 😁

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