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Acorn Squash How To Cook And Freeze Food

Acorn Squash | How To Cook And Freeze | Food Storage

Acorn Squash – How to cook dinner and freeze it as a person a lot more means of foods storage. Acorn squash is from the Winter season Squash family members and stores relatively very well, but to make it previous much more than a several months, it ought to be frozen. There is no accepted approach for canning any variety of squash. These had been grown in our vegetable garden here on the homestead. A great deal of homesteading revolves close to expanding and storing your have foods. From that, we are equipped to get ready healthful loved ones foods, so prepping to have food items such as squash available in the off period is vital. In brief, we will comply with these ways:

  1. Wash and dry your acorn squash.
  2. Slice your acorn squash in half lengthwise.
  3. Remove the seeds and pulp.
  4. Area on a baking rack and cover with foil.
  5. Bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour.
  6. Allow to neat for 30 minutes.
  7. Take away pulp to a massive container.
  8. Increase drinking water and mix to a creamy regularity.
  9. Freeze in zip lock or vacuum seal baggage.

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42 thoughts on “Acorn Squash | How To Cook And Freeze | Food Storage”

  1. I was looking for an acorn squash freezing video and I thought I’m going to check your channel first and there it was ! Thank you for the information .😃

  2. I was wondering if just mashing it will work. I prefer my potatoes and squash a little more lumpy. If I were going to make pies, I would puree it. Just asking if it freezes well less blended?

  3. Stuffed Acorn Squash, oh my goodness! Half the squash and clean the seeds out, salt and pepper then add a pat of butter, set them aside. Next make a meatloaf out of bulk pork sausage, onion, celery, a couple eggs and a little bit of sweet bell peppers salt and a ton of black pepper and any spices you like with pork, add just a little ketchup if you like. Fill the squash heaping full, cover with foil, bake at 350- 375° there done when a fork goes in easily into the squash, Oh my goodness! They are delicious!😋 seriously delicious, did I say delicious? Because they are truly delicious! I hope you try it, Cindy P.S. the squash picks up the meaty flavor of the pork sausage, I roll the sausage out of the squash and add extra butter, the sweet of the squash and the savory of the sausage 😋heaven! I’m having a moment 🥰

  4. How does Tina make her soup? Oh lordy be your talkin about the stalkers lol Dutch and Daniel😂😂😂 remind me in the winter of the other 2 channels.

  5. I did a google search for Kiko goats & found Arms Family Homestead who turned me on to Dutch who turned me on to you guys who turned me on to Dan. Enjoy all you guys!! 😊

  6. I just cut it in 1/2 take out seeds throw'em in microwave scoop into big blender puree and freeze. (no added water or smashing) But mainly save acorn whole unprocessed 🙂 I rinse seed and dry any good seed for next yrs garden. Think i'll open up a couple naked seed pumpkins after my shower 🙂 No i don't kill seeds by cooking them! Just wash and eat or make pumpkin seed butter (like peanut butter) just seeds, raw honey and maybe dash of salt wanna try a few raw w/ garlic powder today too

  7. This is such a good way to preserve Acorn squash. Later this year I will be doing this when my acorns start to get near their end of their storage life. Thanks again Mark and Tina. Till next time, take care, stay safe and God Bless you both.

    Mr. Tom

  8. ,,very nice,,i can see next year i will have to grow me some acorn squash for sure,, your guys are good at the food preservation and keeping you pantry stocked,,,it is most interesting to fallow along and learn as we go,, T,,F,,Sharing,, thank you for the shout out,, love the other ch,, am sub to them,,

  9. I really enjoyed this video, very informative. Q: On one plant, how many acorn squash form as a general rule of thumb. 2.) What would you folks do to can this squash? Or how would you can it? Like you showed prepared and stuffed in a mason jar or some other way? 3.) would you share how you make your rice/sausage recipe. I just need to know the ingredients and quantities if it is some spice used. Thanks Mark.

  10. Very interesting as I've never done squash that way before. Thanks for sharing that. I think all the channels you named off you had done before and I had already signed up from them. Hope they grow some more cause they are good to watch.

  11. Another great video. How do you keep the vacuum sealer from sucking the squash out as it seals. Anytime I do sealing with anything with any kind of liquid it squeezes out and won’t seal. Thanks for sharing. Tina has some strong arms there….probably needs a massage after that

  12. almost missed this i didnt get a notification boooooooooo…………. acorn and butternut are my fave squash unless you count pumpkin then its all 3 lol hugssss from Ontario Canada

  13. I'm already subb'd to all 4 of those channels Mark. Can't remember if it was Dutch or Daniel that sent me over here. No matter. I subb'd for the life of your channel.

  14. Thanks again for getting my mouth watering. I could eat a bag now with just a little salt and pepper. I'm already subscribed to all you mentioned except Old School With A Modern Twist and I go check him out. Thank you both but especially to Miss Tina and all of her hard work. I'm not saying you don't work but she is like the energizer bunny. Always busy. I'll see ya'll on the next one.

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