A rainy late spring not pretty summer time working day….

A rainy late spring not very summer time working day.

Commack (Long Island) NY United states of america 6/2022

Your sights have brought me large pleasure these previous handful of years… truly grateful to share mine.

thank for the primary creator Jeannie Jean

18 thoughts on “A rainy late spring not pretty summer time working day….”

  1. Jeannie Jean Good morning to you. Sending cheer your way. Regards from your friend in neighboring Smithtown (Long Island, NY 😘

  2. Carol Whittaker

    Full on summer heat in the south of England today, I’m envious of your pool, wish I was closure, I’d ask for a dip 😄

  3. Rachel Fried Moshe

    I lived in commack elementary and middle school so beautiful 🌺 hello from Israel

  4. Pam Evall Shovelson

    I just got so excited when I saw Commack, and it got even better when I realized that I actually know (and like!) you ♥️

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