Johnston B is a retired safety manager at Oklahoma heavy metal manufacturing Engineering Company. Before his retirement Johnston works with thousands of people to save their lives by following proper work safety procedures. In addition, he also gained incredible people management skills, and valuable life lessons which can be helpful for everyone to improve personal and professional connections with people.

Here are the life-changing lessons that he wanted to share with us.

Before his retirement Johnston works with thousands of people to save their lives by following proper work safety procedures

1- Feel Humanly – They are not machines

One of the responsibilities of Johnston’s job role was to see employees wear proper safety equipment such as helmets, PPT adhere to safety procedures. But no one seems like it and no one is following the rule.

There was tough criticism in the staff meetings and there is not much changed after the meeting. People seem not to accept the guidelines for some reason. And, completely unaccepted the Jonstan’s directives. Later that week management noted that power safety is a concern for the overall productively of the manufacturing facility.

Jonathan decided to change the approach. He starts to feel like a human wearing manager cap. He starts to talk to people in daily walking routine practice. He talks to people smoothly and asks questions from some workers why not wearing helmets like ” Is your helmet comfortable for you” or ” did this fit properly”.

After a few weeks everyone seems to wear helmets and protective equipment.

Instead of criticism, Johnston develop an eagerness to know why the problem is her as a human manner? If you trust and treat your peer, colleague, manager humans most often you will get the same trust and respect in return.

2. Feeling Important: Everyone Needs It

There are of course other ways you can make someone works for you. You can ask to give someone else watch by sticking a revolver to their rib. Perhaps, you can make your employee give you a corporation by threatening to fire them. Sometimes, you can make a child to do what you want to do by threatening them. These crude methods have sharp undesirable repercussions

There is absolutely a deep almost invisible point that is the desire to be important.

Let me list out the fundamental common needs of humans.

  • Health and preservation of life
  • food
  • sleep
  • money and things money will buy
  • life in the hereafter
  • sexual gratification
  • the well-being of our children
  • feeling of importance

It doesn’t matter who you are, the desire to feel importantly incredible. There is only one way under high heaven to get anybody to do anything. Let them feel important. They will do anything to receive recognition than anything else.

There is significant learning from Sigmund Freud said that everything you do and dies because of two things: sex urge and the desire to be great

3. Feeling Important: Give It for Deserved People

According to the recent survey, 95% of people do not appreciate others. As per Robertson people only care about themselves and do not engage in giving the deserved appreciation to the others. This is important in making friends or getting things done for you or engage in any type of activity with another party.

Also, this goes beyond corporate lives to the person or family lives as people forget to appreciate. Sometimes parents forgot to appreciate their children. The possibility of earning money dependent on your ability to attract and handle people.

It’s important that you give deserved recognition to “feel important”. This is true in any type of situation for you. Robortson points that this skill takes time to develop as fundementally our system wired to self-isoluated perspective.

4. Stop Today: criticize condemn or complain

For early part of the Robertson carrier he was known for strict criticism manager. However over time Robertson learnt that criticism and condemn people would not drive results and only going to burn the bridges between your co-workers.

Robertson recommends everyone rephrase condemning people to understand people. As you have to try to understand they can drive profitable results more often. It’s important that you let’s try to figure out the reasoning behind the situation first before criticize.
Here is the 3 step approach by Robertson

  1. Listen – First thing is to listen carefully with open mind. do not listen with pre-set stereotypes in your mind.
  2. Understand – Collect information from all souses to understand the problem
  3. Action Plan – Collaborate with stakeholders to come-up with action plan. Most often you can get a solution easily.
  4. Execute – Empower tools to success and monitor the progress.

5. Give honest and sincere appreciation

People work for you if you are willing to appreciate them. It’s a fundamental technique Robertson learned handling in attracting people towards you is nothing but being able to give honest and sincere appreciation to the others.

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