5 Amazing strongly held beliefs that have become invalid with time


Have you ever thought that time moves so fast? It is true, but sometimes we feel we are ahead of time in some aspects such as technology. However, you will be amazed to know some strongly held beliefs in past may have become invalid by today. We will see some interesting concepts one by one.

  1. Personal computers are useless.

Yes, you read it correct! About 2 decades ago, personal computers were considered useless at home. Window 95 was considered as a luxury item and could not be afforded by many middle-class families. But now it is hard to find a house that does not own even one computer. During past 20 years computers have slowly conquered almost every field including, technology, entertainment medical, Commercial, and much more. Computers provide a workplace for entrepreneurs and freelancers through networking. Online shopping is something we cannot resist. Can you even imagine a world without computers?

  1. Online shopping is not reliable.

Although online shopping became much popular lately, it was indeed introduced around 1994. However, back then online shopping methods could not enter the hearts of customers as traditional shopping was unsurpassable. In fact, a business that was considered as to be flopped, has achieved an amazing extent of success throughout the world. Online shopping platforms like eBay, amazon.com, and AliExpress are open for any individual ranging from variety of items starting from lowest prices.

  1. Communication satellites will not be much useful!

When Russia launched its ‘Sputnik’ satellite, they had a doubt whether it will be useful or not. Yes, it was believed, communication satellites will not be able to offer a much service to people, especially Americans. But this concept was proven wrong after 3 years with introduction of Live TV to America. However, communication satellites can be considered as the link between comfortable life and technology. Military communication, cable tv, weather forecasting, GPS and much more have become possible thanks to satellites.

  1. Mobile phones are worthless compared to land phones!

Mobile phone technology was first used as a fixed communication system among vehicles used in 2nd world war. However, its use was limited to military. Then phones were developed to use in other luxury vehicles. In 1973, Martin cooper who worked for the Motorola company invented the first handphone which was weigh more than 1 kg. nevertheless, the inventor himself did not believe handphones will be this much popular in future!

  1. Nuclear energy is impractical.

Albeit Einstein is a world-renowned scientist whose experiments have generated a much benefit to the world. However, in a research notebook, he has stated that he has no idea about uses of nuclear energy, hence it will be useful. But today, there are many nuclear powerplants around the globe. We can expect more benefits in future!


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