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3 Ways Affect Adult Emotions Wellness


Anna’s five-year-old kid is always happy and joyful. Little kid’s emotional approaches to remain happy seems simple and powerful.  There is a lot to learn from small kids to deal with emotions better. As per science, Emotions arose in evolution to add biological survivor. These emotions are physiological responses to environmental stimulation such as danger competition over resources

Emotions has direct impact to health and wellness. Here are 3 ways impacts adults emotion wellness.

How affects your emotions
3 ways affects adult emotions wellness

Emotions Associated with Family and Childhood

However, most adults seem to have extremely poor skills dealing with emotions. The reason for adult’s inability to deal with associated mostly because they were not explicit thought how to deal with emotions as children. Most of the adults self-learn learn how to handle their emotions in other ways such as osmosis and by observation. Commonly adults seems to influence the emotional expression in their respective families, teachers, peers and media.

There is significant influence if you grow up in a very loud family in which emotions expressed frequently and open at top of the lungs you may have grown up to be an expresser.

on the other side, you may have rebelled against search over act emotions amity and learn to be repressor where someone who is mild in expression for hold in emotions as you lack confidence.

Genetics and Environment

New studies found a strong connection to your genome and environmental factors related to emotional well-being.  According to science there is a multitude of factors both Genetics and environmental enter into having you sense and respond to emotions.

In my own family most emotions were acceptable except for anger whenever someone got angry everyone else in my family got very uncomfortable. Therefore everyone seems to manage the appropriate responses to anger avoid it at all costs.

Habits and Responses  

” I was feeling extremely depressed about possible work termination and I yelled at the woman at the post office when she bought me the wrong stamps I couldn’t believe I was so rude search acting out of emotions can be harmful to ourselves and others in serving my students over years I have seen a wide range of responses to emotions from expressive to repressive and we all fit somewhere along the spectrum.

When I was a little child I struggled hard to be a good girl and avoid anger but in doing so I cut off an aspect of my full range of normal human emotions.

Now I learn that our relationship to emotions can elicit a variety of responses meaning sometimes we strongly caught up in them. Sometimes, habits and responses dictate our emotions.  This can be even more detrimental if you are continuing to go through an emotional crisis over a long period of time.

How affects your emotions
Emotional Wellness

The mindful approach to emotions

The mindful approach to emotions is needed both expressive repressive ways to recognize your state of mind.  The mindfulness approach will help you to recognize your emotions and feel them fully. This way you can let them go so that they don’t control you or lead you to act in waste that is harmful to others. you also can learn to relate to your emotions from a mindful perspective.



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