DRAW WITH ME at a cafe

✨DRAW WITH ME ✨at a cafe ☕

Attract WITH ME at a cafe

Clip Studio Paint (my drawing system)

*affiliate connection btw

Pop filter:
Graphics Tablet:

my brushes
フラット (flat pen)
outdated pen material id: 1358977
new pen material id: 1702959
hair brush: 1868700
give my vid a like if you might be examining this description uwu

Make contact with this electronic mail for enterprise: kooleen.enterprise@gmail.com

42 thoughts on “✨DRAW WITH ME ✨at a cafe ☕”

  1. Me when the teacher is teaching and explaining sth:“I really need to pee but i can’t”
    Also me when i got a stomachache in the public: “Can’t wait to go home and take a massive dump”

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